The Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders GIFF was formed on the 5 th of August 1985 by 16 founding members or directors. It was first named National Association of Custom House Agents (NACHA)

GIFF a non profit organization, is governed by an Executive Council of 19 members comprising a President, 1 st & 2 nd Vice President, a Treasurer and fifteen others including the chairmen of the five district councils. It has a permanent Secretariat which is headed by an Executive Secretary.

GIFF joined FIATA in January 1997 and has been an active member up to date.


The main concept of GIFF is to augment the skills of its members thus ensuring their ability to offer a consistently high level of service to their clients.It aims to provide a quality, accessible service to its members; to maintain strong links with Government, parastatals and other institutions that influence the industry and to promote the industry in the wider environment. In view of the International character of the Freight Forwarder a close relationship with other freight associations is of great importance.