GIFF Foundation

The mission of the GIFF Foundation is to promote community support for excellence in education and training for Ghana’s international trade sector, and to provide the resources for new projects and creative approaches for existing programs, in  order to help build capacity needed to increase Ghana’s participation  in international trade.  As enshrined in  Article IV of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), Increasing Participation of Developing Countries in World Trade, there is an urgent need now to strengthen and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the services sector locally.  The freight forwarding sector serving as a major service industry to Ghana’s international trade is a sector that needs to build capacity. The GIFF Foundation is therefore committed to being the primary philanthropic organization that funds innovative educational grants to training institutions in Ghana’s international trade sector in general and the freight forwarding sector in particular

Mission Statement
To engage business and community partners in the support of training programs for Ghana’s international trade sector and the academic achievement of trainees and students in the sector.

Vision Statement
GIFF Foundation will be recognized for its excellent support of quality training programs for Ghana’s international trade sector  and as a body committed to the success of training initiatives  in the sector

Guiding Principles

  • The Foundation’s focus is institutions and students  in Ghana’s international trade sector , with special interest with those most in need.
  • The Foundation recognizes and supports the important role effective industry training play in the sector’s success.
  • The Foundation recognizes the importance of its partnership with  Ghana’s international trade sector  and will coordinate its efforts in such a way that will produce the biggest impact for institutions and students in the sector.
  • The Foundation will recognize and honor the passion our donors have for excellence in public education by committing to offer opportunities that will have an impact and maximize the resources they entrust to us.  
  • The Foundation will treat ALL internal and external partners in a spirit of respect, grace and shared purpose.
  • The Foundation demands ethical behavior in all endeavors and recognizes its responsibility to be transparent and accountable for its programs and the return on invested resources.
  • The Foundation will be the conduit of resources from the business community and private sources in support of training infrastructure for Ghana’s international trade sector

What the Foundation will Do

The Foundation will strive to direct resources to improve the training effort through precision-focused initiatives in specific areas, such as teacher and principal grants, student scholarships, recognition of educational excellence, support of  Classroom, and other special projects. The Foundation will add value, expertise and unique perspective - to the solution; not by solely administering (donor restricted) projects (such as grants, scholarships, etc.), but also obtaining and directing resources where they will have maximum impact in the most critical areas.

The Foundation will operate in the following areas:

Career & Technical Education

  • The Foundation will give necessary aid to students and trainees who are obtaining  Post-High School  certifications so they can start careers in the sector. It will also support programs to address the considerable need for technical and skilled workers in the international trade sector

Excellence in Education and Training
The Foundation will showcase the educators and training personnel who consistently bring forth their best effort and utilize their talents to ensure the students they serve are receiving the best education and training possible.


The Foundation will institute Academic assistance for needy students and employees in the sector.

What You Can Do

Sponsor a Program
GIFF Foundation Fundraising Events

  • Fundraising is the lifeblood of the Foundation. The GIFF Foundation has more goals, programs and opportunities than can be handled by the organization alone. With the help of many supporters, the Foundation raises funds for its programs. 
  • Your support is crucial to our success!
  • The Foundation maintains a busy schedule of events and activities throughout the year and is always in need of assistance. We would be grateful for your support with these events, whether monetary, or on a volunteer basis. 

Mentor a GIFF student

  • Mentoring helps students and trainees succeed in business, achieve, and graduate from school.  Mentors help students build a foundation of basic values that are particularly critical for success in the international trade sector  and challenge them to take responsibility for their actions. 
  • Through planned sessions mentors instill self-confidence, encourage better decision making, and provide a support system that many students lack; thus building a foundation of basic values and challenging their student to take responsibility for their actions. Mentors can be an excellent source of advice for the student, but more often than not what the student really needs is just someone to listen and offer encouragement. Any responsible adult professional in the sector who is willing to share time with a student on a consistent basis can be a mentor. For more information on how you can help change the life of a student in the sector, contact or 0303 205810
  • You can also volunteer on an event committee , contribute to one of the Foundation programs or fund a scholarship. For more information contact or 0303 205810