Annual General Meetings

Each year, GIFF members from all over the country travel to a chosen venue. to attend the Annual General Meeting. It is an opportunity for the GIFF members to receive copies of the Institute's accounts as well as reviewing fiscal information for the past year and asking any questions regarding the directions the Institute will take in the future.. At the AGM  GIFF members work on their leadership skills and character development. And, they meet new friends and have a lots of fun!

The 20th Annual General Meeting of the institute will come on at the end of October 2016. Registration forms are available at all the districts.


This AGM  will bring together Freight Forwarders from all parts of Ghana where the Institute operates, to discuss trends and outlooks for all aspects of the freight forwarding business. The conference takes place over two days. It is envisaged to bring in freight forwarders from all over the sub region to discuss problems with trans border cargo movement.

For further information contact the executive secretary at

Tel: 233 (0303)204500,

Mob: 233 0244062438