GIFF Recommendations to Shippers

Because the country's laws allow freedom of company registration, there may be few companies which though legally registered, are not members of Giff. As such they are not bound by GIFF's rules for its members, and therefore not subject to the Institute's oversight. If in doubt ask to see the agent's membership card which all GIFF members are required to carry when engaged in the service of their companies. The following guidelines are however drawn up for guidance of customers when they need to deal with freight forwarders.

Deciding on a Freight Forwarder:
Unfortunately many customers in Ghana do not know freight forwarders are of different kinds who offer different services. The main activities our members engage in are summarized and explained below. For more information on activities contact a freight forwarder on the list, or

Clearing and Forwarding
This mainly involves custom brokerage. Most of our members do this. The custom house agent is a designated custom specialist who has been duly examined and licensed by the Ghana Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS). He carries out all required documentation procedures and pays all required taxes and duties on the goods. You can give him cash or bankers draft and request for the official receipt from the receiving organization, (customs, etc). For rendering this service on your behalf he is entitled by law to charge you a fee. Pay him only after he has fully completed the contract, delivered goods outside harbor or at your warehouse. For transparency you should always insist on properly itemized receipts. Refuse such receipts bearing things like miscellaneous etc unless it has been previously agreed upon.

Freight Forwarding
This involves moving of goods from one point to another. Most of our members will clear your goods and also arrange delivery at your local warehouse. Freight forwarding however involves someone who will pick up your goods, containerize it and send it to destination. Some of our members also do this on international level and will help to arrange movement of goods around the world through their well established extensive international network of agents. The depth of knowledge of world freight rates, shipping routes and other aspects of international movement of cargo required for effective service provision in this area is why GIFF has decided to make knowledge acquisition in this field a major part of its training program.