Document Delivery

What is the GDDS?
In order to improve and facilitate the communication between the Secretariat and the membership of the Institute, GIFF has introduced the GIFF Document Delivery System. This system, which is modeled after the FIATA Document Delivery System, allows the GIFF secretariat to distribute documents through the Internet to our  members. 

Who is entitled to access the GDDS?
Only GIFF members have access to the GIFF Document Delivery System.  Important notices and circulars both local and international which in the view of the secretariat and council will be of benefit to the membership will be put on the gdds for members.  Members will be advised by e-mail when any new information is put on the gdds. The Executive Council Minutes is only available to members of the GIFF Executive Council.  Please contact the sNational secretariat for your login particulrs.

 Executive Council Documents

GIFF Circulars

National Documents

International Documents