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On behalf of the entire GIFF Executive Council as well as the District Committees, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one in the Institute  as well as the Country’s Internatonal trade  community a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

May we always be ever mindful of the spirit of caring, sharing, love and generosity of the Christmas season, and do our best at all times as we seek to improve the prosperity of our involvement in the International trade sector and grow as individuals, contributing in whatever capacity for the benefit of Ghana’s International trade sector

This Christmas season, as we gather with family and friends, let us remember the reason we all celebrate.  While we take time to remember the gifts we all are so thankful to receive, we should also take time to remember those less fortunate than us and take this opportunity to give back to our respective communities. GIFF has always been proud of our service to the community.

What a blessing it is to facilitate  the service that provide the food, fiber and fuel that our communities, nation and the world need.  As I sit back and consider all the work that GIFF  as architects of Ghana’s International tradeways  do in and out of the field, I’m filled with gratitude for our entire GIFF Mangement team and the opportunity to serve as your President.

The coming year holds the promise of new opportunities, along with challenges, and we will face them together as a unified force not only to improve the lives of our fellow members, but for all areas of the freight logistics industry that serves the nations international trade.

Many of you will have heard me say what a privilege it is for me to lead the Institute  and to represent its members. I have to say that at times like this, when we take time to reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months, the true extent of the work that you, our members, undertake on behalf of the Freight Forwarding  Sector  and the public really does hit home.

I am particularly aware that the success of the Institute rest upon the valuable support of our members and the hard work of the various District committees who so generously volunteer and give of their time. So let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful support and dedication. Be it as a serving member, committee member, your contribution to the Institute’s progress is priceless.

Regardless of your current level of involvement, I urge you to become more engaged with the Institute in the next year.
There is a direct correlation to the effectiveness of both the Institute and your membership, and how involved you are in the activities and networking opportunities provided by GIFF.

I would like to finish by offering my personal thanks to members for the support I’ve received over the last 12 months and, more importantly, for the work that you do every day as members to propagate the vision of the Institute.  We can all be proud of making a positive contribution to the services offered by GIFF in one way or another during the last year.

In the coming year our vision is to be sharing notes on Trade Facilitation progammes and other useful ICT training packages as well as short courses that will sharpen the skills of our members.

We shall also continue extending our frontiers to embrace other border posts as has just been done for Osei Kojokrom, Gonokrom, Kofi Badukrom, Nkrankwanta and Sampa under the Sunyani collection.

I know that many of you will be working over the Christmas period, supporting your colleagues and staff, but I hope that you all manage to find some time to spend with those people who mean the most to you.

Take care and have a peaceful Christmas.


Kwabena Ofosu – Appiah

GIFF President