Thank you for visiting the donate page of our site. We are grateful for all you have done for the Institute and the young people we serve.

The GIFF Foundation supports dynamic young leaders doing remarkable things in the local freight forwarding communities. We need to prepare our young people for careers in international trade. Global trade is expected to reach unprecedented heights by 2030 and our dear country needs to capitalize on this emerging wave of opportunity. Our future freight forwarders will set the direction for expanding Ghana's international trade. 

Please let us know how we can assist you in accomplishing your philanthropic objectives.The Institute secures financial resources for recognizing member achievements, developing industry leaders and supporting the future of freight forwarding education. By enabling GIFF members to discover their passion and explore their best abilities in making smart choices, the institute promotes the promise, spirit and success of students today and leaders tomorrow through connected opportunities to believe, serve and give.

Believe. The Institute believes in the practice of brotherhood, honoring international trade advancement and responsibility. Through individual talents, personal growth and building strong relationships, lifelong  memories are made.